Virus/ trogan help :(?

Heres the story:

so i was on a website minding my own business, then some random thing popped up saying i successfully installed an anti-virus program. Then something came up saying i had to start a virus scan. I tried to open task manager but it wouldnt let me. And no other programs would work.

I shut down my computer and restarted it in safemode. I ran a scan in both malwarebytes and mcafee and they both said there was nothing. I heard about shutting off system restore and then running a scan, but i cant find the option for disabling it.

I am really scared and my anxiety is kicking in. This isnt even my computer its my dads and he is not coming home until march 17.

Malwarebytes says there is an update but im too scared to go on the internet or out of safe mode. Please help

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