Trouble Training My Cockatiel....?

Actually I have this Tiel, she is just very afraid of the human hand..Ithink it has something to do with the petshop owner always putting his hand in the cage to drag them out forcefully. She is very comfortable preening, eating food in front of me or other family members. But as soon as I put my hand inside the cage, she always hisses first and then tries to run away. I have got her wings clipped, so that I could take her out, but as soon as I take her out of the cage (Never Forcefully), all she is interested is is getting back in tha cage, or run away from me, or stay at a location away from me.....

I really want to tame my cockatiel who also happens to be an absolute non talker...she seems to be as silent as a fish except the occasional hiss....

All Cockatiel lovers please help me in taming my tiel and teaching her to talk/whistle...

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