Triplets Baby Girl Names!!!?

ommggg you guys guess what, im having triplets!!!! omg omg omg i am so excited im 30 weeks preggy!!!! and it is the perfect time to start thinking about baby names!!! ok they are all girls, going to be a job having 4 girls in the house but its fine! anyway, i am having a c-section and i wanted to get you guys opinion on the names! my husband wants a nice italian spanish name since that iswhat he is so this is what i came up with. the first one that comes out would be Adeliese Maria Mara, 2nd would be Rosalie Marisol Mara,3rd would be Crystal Ann Mara. now i wanted to include my mothers name, emily, in one off the names, but i dont know which one. so tell me and tell me your opinion about the names and if i should change them, my other daughters name is bianca marie if that helps :)

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