Training tips please??!?

When I walk my dog in the neighborhood and there are dogs in yards, he gets out of control and makes this low growling noise that sounds extremely vicious (but he's not). I know he needs more exposure to this situation to get over the problem, but was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to correct this problem. I'd like to try some positive reinforcement before I go to a pinch collar, but not sure how to go about this since I cannot get him to respond to any commands once he spots a dog in a yard. I have been walking by as fast as possible and having him sit after I can get him to heel again. He is a very friendly dog and lives with one other dog whom he loves. He has been to doggie daycare and does great, so he is socialized with other dogs, he just has problems with not being able to be in direct contact with dogs. It is also very hard to convince others that he only wants to meet their dog and that he is not going to kill it. Thanks for any suggestions!

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