Traffic Ticket?

Male, 18, Woodstock, Georgia,

July 2016: Received window tint ticket for vehicle not under my name

Planned on going to court to request dismiss my case due to unaware of the tint and that it wasn't my vehicle. Unfortunately, I was hospitalized for an entire week during my court date. I due have proper documentation. I understand you are responsible for the vehicle you are driving, but I am hoping I can work that in my favor.

Unaware the court would suspend my license, I was pulled over a couple months later (when I turned 18 in January I planned on handling it since I would be an adult. I postponed it because as a minor I lived with a friends family. No legal guardian or parent to represent me in court, thus waited till I turned 18). Before that could happen, I was ticketed for running a stop sign in my neighbor hood, and upon that driving on a suspended license.

I am hoping I can represent myself in court, plea my case I had full intention of appearing in court in July, but was hospitalized and as I minor I knew there wasn't anything I could do without a guardian or parent around.

I went in November, told to get a relative to represent. Did so, come January judge told us to get a lawyer. I am in my last year of high school, and can not afford any lawyer. Again, I am hoping I can plea my case of dismissal and the judge will listen. How can I request the judge to hear my case as before I have tried and he stops me dead in my tracks?

What do you think?

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