Samurai Champloo........?

Samurai Champloo is by far my favorite anime. The artwork is fantastic, the character personalities are very well developed, the storyline is as interesting as one can be. The Fight scenes are incredible. The Music is weird and different, Nujabes is cool in a word. Its a series like no other that ive encountered in my entire experience in Anime. Its kinda of like the way Princess Monokee touches you, or Spirited Away. The details...the script...the music...everything makes it something special. I like Naruto, because of the characters, the battles, the strategy that takes place, the development of the characters, and the *graphics* in a sense. But Samurai Champloo.....Im looking for a great anime, in the way that Samurai Champloo is......Please give me your recommendations...I hope someone that feels the way I do when i watch some of the anime that i mentioned above, the way you get touched and taken in by them, please let me know of any other ones, movies or series out there that youve seen and can think of recommending.

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