Nuketown 2025 trouble?

I got a new copy of black ops 2, which came with the 2025 download code. I entered it, and it started downloading just fine. about halfway through the download, I accidently paused it. I went back to keep downloading, but it kept pending for like 10 minutes, so i cancelled the download, hoping to restart and try again. I went to my recent downloads but 2025 wasnt there. I went to my system storage and 2025 was there with the exclamation mark with the yellow circle around it (corrupted download). There was no options on that other than to delete it, which I did. If I try to enter the code again it says it's already been used. The easy solution to it would be to go to 2025 and download it, but it's not on the dashboard, marketplace, or the cod store. Easy solution or am I screwed?

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