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I think I'm turning bi?!?

Please answer, I cant talk to any of my friends about this:

I'm 13 and have lots of friends who are girls. I have had lots of crushes on boys and went out with two and find some guys in my school cute. But lately I've been finding some girls attractive. I could never see myself in a relationship with a girl. ever. But I think that I just really want to be in a relationship right now. I think this started when I found out my crush has been dating this girl for 4 months and I had no idea. That left me feeling so stupid and hopeless How do I stop these mixed feelings?? & how can I enjoy being single? Bc for some reason all I have been wanting since school started was a long term relationship and it turned out when I found the most amazing guy ever, he had a girlfriend and that girl got exactly what I've been wishing for. I feel so confused and out of place. I just want to be happy whether I'm single or not.

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