How much to travel to Europe?

This is the itinerary I have in mind:

- 2 days in Norway to see the Aurora Borealis.

- 1 day in Amsterdam.

- 3 days in Paris + 1 day at Versailles

- 1 day in Switzerland

- 2 days in Rome + 1 day to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa (or can I squeeze Pisa in the 2 days?)

- Flight from Rome to Santorini. Spend one whole day there.

- Flight from Santorini to Athens. Spend 2 days in Athens.

- Go home.

15-18 days of travel.

Coming from Singapore. One person traveling (Female).

Will not be staying in hostels in Paris, Rome, Santorini and Greece.

I need the following information:

- Transportation from one country to another

- Daily food expenses (To be safe, let's assume I'll be eating McDonald's every now and then.)

- City tours, museums, and other fees I need to pay while traveling.

Hope someone can give me a breakdown of the expenses. Thanks!

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