how can I translate my name?

I KNOW that names can not be translated into another language. I KNOW I will always be called my name where ever I go and in every language. However, for FUN, I want to translate my name into as many different languages as I can - just for fun and use them to sign my email, etc. So I would like to know if anyone knows of a good website that will allow me to see my name written in a foreign language and be able to copy and paste it from that website - for example: scottish gaelic, korean, africaans, russian, etc. just to name a few. What I mean is this: if I happen to write an email to a friend and we are discussing Russia for example, then I want to sign my name in Russian script using the Russian alphabet.So I would like a website that will translate my name into a specific language, but I don't want to download anything. If possible, I would like the website to do it for me. And if the website has more than a couple of different languages that would be helpful. I have already found how to translate my name into Japanese letters, but I hope that I am explaining what I want to do and hoping that someone has some good ideas on where to find the website than can do this. I have already searched but didn't find exactly what I was looking for.

thank you in advance


I use Google Translate often, but it does not work for my name. It just types my name as is, so that is not going to work. thnx anyway

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