hcg level 1?

I went to the hospital to have a blood pregnancy test on Tuesday after only spotting on the first day of my period which was the Thursday prior. I am on a birth control called Yaz and have been for about 4 months. The tests came back and I was told that it was a positive level 1. I got my hopes up not knowing anything about levels of hcg. That had me come in on Thursday and retest. My Hcg level was still a 1 so I retested yeasterday and I won't get the results back until tomorrow morning. Is there a possibility that I may still be pregnant or could something else be going on? I think that the doctors office handled this the wrong way by telling me it was positive. I will be devastated now if I am not pregnant and I wasn't even planning on having a baby for another 2 years or so...

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