friends trouble?

So I have this friend. She has been my best friend since... I really don't remember but a very long time and lately I guess I've been somewhat depressed, angry, and very negitive. She always gets so mad at me when I make a comment or say somthing mean about someoneand I guess she just really ignores me. Slowly I can see our friendship falling apart, shes starting to hang out with different people and really dosen't call me anymore even if I make an effort. I really don't think she should be acting this way since i'm going through a hard time and if she can't understand that and except me for who I am I guess we shouldn't be friends? I know sometimes I get very jealouse because she hangs out with other people and I act like a *****. Recently i have gotten medication and it has helped somewhat. I've tried to change but, I dont want to act like a person who I'm really not just so she'll be my friend. I dont know if I should try to keep this friendship going or its not even worth my time

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