Boy Trouble!!! HELPPPPPP!!?

Okay, so i have told u guys this b4 but i don't think i used enough detail!!! Ok i have a bestfriend n we r like sisters but the only thing is that she has a twin brother n i like him a lot!!!! He doesn't know it n my friend doesn't know but i relyyyy like him! He comes and talks 2 us sometimes but is sort of shy in front of me. He also is rely funny around me and i always laugh! He doesn't pay much attention 2 me in skool n i don't rely see him much in skool but when he does we always catch eyes but look the other way. My friends mom is soo nice n talked about one day wat we wanna be wen we get older n i said a doctor n my friends brother couldn't decide n their mom was like can you be my daughter inlaw???!! I was embaressed n i looked at him n his face was red. IDK wat that means. And also one day their mom was tellin him that he has 2 be somethin succesful in life and put shoes on her grandchildrens feet and buy your wife jewlery and pearls then she looked at me n said right? n i said yeppp! It was rely funny but i was embaressed n didn't even look at him. Plzzz tell me wat i should dooo!!! I mean i talk to him about basic stuff but not by ourselves n one time wen i was studying with them and my friend had 2 use the bathroom and her brother made an excuse cause i guess he felt acuared 2 stay wit me alone!!! idk wat that means!!! ok so tell me wat u guys think i should do!!! thanx

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