Boy Trouble 7th Grade!!?

OK so I started about 4 weeks ago at a new school in 7th grade. On Friday night of the 2nd week, I went to one of the home high school football games. I met this nerdy but really funny guy. He wasn't cool at all, but he was cool in his own way and that made me like him a lot. I barely even knew him, but he started texting me a lot, so I decided to text back. The next day, I realized he was in one of my classes. Now we are like best friends and we talk all the time. I know it's a little weird sounding, but we are. I actually have come to like him. Like, a LOT. He's sent me hints, like once he said he wanted to come to one of my volleyball games, and I told him I was on the B team so I wasn't very good. He said "I bet you're great." We text every day and I think he likes me, I'm just not sure. Should I tell him or should I wait a little longer? How long should I wait?

Thanks :-)

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