AP Physics Help. Thumbs up !?

So... I REALLY can't find any help online nor any help from anyone. So, I was wondering if you could help me solve this problem.

Find the center of mass of the three mass system shown in Figure 7-38 given that m1 = 1.50 kg and m2 = 1.25 kg. Specify relative to the center of the left hand (1.00 kg) mass.

Figure : http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s266/MszxCyndii...

Answer is in : __________________ m

A ball of mass 0.640 kg moving east (+x direction) with a speed of 3.10 m/s collides head-on with a 0.820 kg ball at rest. If the collision is perfectly elastic, what will be the speed and direction of each ball after the collision?

ball originally at rest 2.717 m/s EAST

ball originally moving east _________________ m/s East or West?

Thank you.

Thumbs up to anyone that helps.

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