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400+ hp chevy 350 how much mpg?

I have a 350 chevy 4.001" bore 3.48" stroke, 4 bolt main. the pistons are 4 valve relief 6cc. the heads are vortec 906 castings that were off a 1999 chevy k2500. I had the heads redone for screw-in studs and guideplates. I am using stamped 1.5 rockers. the valves are 1.94/1.5 swirl polished stainless steel. the springs are 98214 with an install height of 1.749" but I have shimmed them to be 1.719" for more seat pressure. 10 degree locks and retainers. edelbrock performer rpm intake. edelbrock 600cfm carb no choke everything else is stock, 14"x2" filter. 50,000 volt HEI distributor. 8mm wires bosch platinum plugs. standard GM water pump electric fan. 1 5/8" full length headers. dual purple hornies 3" inlet 2 1/4" outlet. Double timing chain. and comp cams 12-242-2 cam. the compression ration is around 9.9:1 with the pistons and gaskets. also standard oil and fuel pumps, incase anyone was wondering.


it is going into an 84 camaro with 3.23 rear gears and a 700r4 3.06 1.6 1 & .7 are the gears for that. weight is roughly 3250 with me in it.

and Christian, a 600 cfm can fuel a 400hp car just fine, the cfm refers to how much air it can move not how much gas it dumps in. also the cam makes 400hp very easily if you don't think so try going on it allows you to build your engine and dyno it the combination I have describes comes out to 412-413hp @5500rpm. compression ratio 4.001 diameter bore 3.48 stroke 62cc combustion chambers 6cc pistons .045" in the hole gaskets are 4.1" and .016" compressed. 9.9:1

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